Outing: Skate Ontario Adult Figure Skating Championships

Outing: Skate Ontario Adult Figure Skating Championships

Date(s) - Saturday, March 30, 2019
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Vale Health and Wellness Centre


This indoor photo shoot will allow photographers to capture talented figure skaters as they perform during the Skate Ontario Adult Championships.  We plan to start with brunch at 11:30am, and then head to the Vale Health and Wellness Centre.

Cost: $5 per person at the door


11:30 am – Brunch at Flying Squirrel Bistro (289-836-8382) located @ 27 Main Street West, Port Colborne
12:00 Noon – Photograph Figure Skaters at Vale Health and Wellness Centre located @ 550 Elizabeth Street, Port Colborne


  • Registration is open to RHCC and TDPC members
  • Please register on our club website. Those who register are assumed to be joining the group for brunch in Port Colborne at 11:30am
  • Brunch reservations will be made for all registered members. If you choose not to join us for brunch, or if you are bringing a guest, please let Ron Mantay know (ronmantay@gmail.com)

Photography Gear Notes

  • Flash not allowed, to avoid distracting athletes
  • No restrictions on size of lens
  • Skate Ontario will advise closer to the date whether tripods may be used


Ron Mantay (ronmantay@gmail.com)

Summary of Photography Tips – Capturing Figure Skaters

Recommended Settings

1. Fast Shutter to stop motion (1/250 to 1/1000)
2. Slow Shutter to blur motion (1/15 or lower)
3. ISO 400 or higher
4. Aperture 2.8 to 4
5. Image Stabilizer ON
6. Fast Zoom Lens with “sports” focal range (100mm and 300mm)
7. Centre Focus Points and Continuous Auto-Focus (CAF)
8. Continuous Shooting Mode (Burst)
9. Center-weighted metering mode, and over-expose a bit (up to 1 or 2 stops)
10.Try capturing videos as well as photos, for possible use in photo essay


1. Zoom in close, but maintain adequate space for cropping if needed
2. Capture athletes before, during & after skate routine (Portraits & Action)

Links to Other Useful Tips

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This event is fully booked.