Speaker: Lance Saunders (Seeing the World in Black and White)

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Date(s) - Tuesday, April 6, 2021
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Tonight, TDPC member Lance Saunders delivers a presentation on “Seeing the World in Black and White“.

Lance Saunders is a wildlife and nature photographer.  He is a passionate enthusiast and student of photography.  Recently-retired from running one of the most creative advertising agencies in Canada, he applies much of what he believed in marketing in how to connect iconic brands with consumers to his own photographs.  This is all around the philosophy of how to make a powerful emotive emotional connection with your audience.

Tonight, he will discuss this point of view and why today one would even want to shoot in black and white?  The second half of the presentation will be focused on what makes for outstanding black and white photography by highlighting some of the world’s greatest black and white photographers and their images.  The goal is that by looking at some of these iconic images, both by well-known and lesser-known photographers, we can all takeaway learnings that we can to apply to our images.

If you are remotely interested in black and white and fine art photography this might be just for you.

He initially delivered this talk as part of the Monochrome SIG (Special Interest Group) in January. The presentation was so well received that he offered to repeat it for the benefit of all our members.