Speaker: Lydia Dotto (Capturing Movement)

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Date(s) - Tuesday, November 9, 2021
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm



Capturing movement is one of the most challenging and unpredictable tasks in photography. There are three main types of photography where capturing motion is critical — wildlife, sports and events. The photographer generally has three strikes going in: great speed, uncooperative environments and low light. This talk discusses key issues that affect success in shooting fast-moving subjects: equipment, environmental conditions, camera settings and field shooting techniques.


Lydia spent more than three decades as a science and environmental journalist, author, speaker and teacher, including 10 years as a Trent University instructor teaching a classroom and online course on environmental communications. In 2004, she turned her attention to photography, motivated by the remarkable opportunities offered by the digital revolution in camera technology. With her background in science communication, she quickly gravitated to wildlife shooting, one of the most challenging types of photography, requiring the skills to capture fast action and dynamic animal behaviour.

Lydia’s most memorable moments have occurred during photo trips across Canada and abroad. She has visited every province in Canada, as well as taking photo trips to Tanzania, Costa Rica, Australia/New Zealand and Antarctica, where the sheer abundance and variety of the wildlife is breathtaking. Photography is about capturing moments in time. There’s nothing more exciting than capturing “the moment” when your subject is an unpredictable and fast-moving creature.
Lydia’s work has been published in a variety of print and online media, including Canadian Wildlife magazine, WILD magazine, On Nature magazine and web site and Muskoka magazine.

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Website https://www.imageinnovationphotography.com/

Examples of Lydia’s published works can be seen at:
The password is: dottoPublications

Samples of Lydia’s event photography can be seen here: http://www.imageinnovationphotography.com/SHOWCASE/EVENTS-ACTIVITIES-2/n-gmRrKD/ The password is: dotto-events2

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