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Banquet – Raffle and Silent Auction Donors and Winners

TDPC 2017 Banquet – Raffle and Silent Auction

We wish to thank the following donors who made our banquet such a success through their contribution of items and/or services for our raffle and silent auction tables:

Boinx Software
Henry’s Camera
Outdoor Photography Canada
Topaz Labs
John Allman
Charles Berdugo
Paul Brown
Luba Citrin
Tony Florio
Missy Mandel
Steve Moebs
Theresa Moore
Cathy Newman
Robert Shechter
Vin Singh
Pat Zuest


Congratulations to all our winners!

Free Membership DrawKat Lovasi
Henry's $50 Gift CertificateLuba Citrin
Henry's $50 Gift CertificateLeon Shahar
Bottle of WineBev Hutner
Bottle of WineVin Singh
Bottle of WineRobert Rutkay
Bottle of WineClaude Sassoon
Bottle of WineHong Zhang
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionTheresa Moore
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionLance Gitter
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionDanzhu Xu
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionMoy Nahon
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionAmos Cohen
Glazed Pottery BowlHandel Jaikumar
Glazed Pottery BowlMargot Levitt
Twisted Sisters PretzelsHarold Hutner
Twisted Sisters PretzelsLuba Citrin
Floral Photography Greeting CardsBruce Haar
Insulated Back PackJohanna Scopazzi


Silent Auction
Proshow ProducerManny Goncalves
Nikon Camera BagLance Gitter
Wireless Display ReceiverMichael Moore
"New Life Begins!" BookJohanna Scopazzi
Tony Florio - Image Evaluation SessionTony Scopazzi
Luba Citrin - Photoshop Session #1Missy Mandel
Luba Citrin - Photoshop Session #2Coco Ke
Luba Citrin - Photoshop Session #3Katie Mak
Pat Zuest - Choice Of 3 Topics Session #1Michael Berger
Pat Zuest - Choice Of 3 Topics Session #2Hong Zhang
Pat Zuest - Choice Of 3 Topics Session #3Katie Mak
Picture Frames 11" X 17" - Qty 2Manny Goncalves
B&D Powered ScissorsJohanna Scopazzi
500Px 1-Yr Pro Membership PkgPaul Brown
Manfrotto Camera BagBilly Shuster
Vin Singh - Acrylic Face-Mounted PrintGord Sawyer
Pentax E90 Compact CameraAnastasia Fabello
Fotomagico 5 ProRobert Rutkay
Luba Citrin - 2 PrintsTheresa Moore
Topaz Complete CollectionJohn Allman
Topaz Impression PluginDanzhu Xu