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2018 Banquet – Donors and Raffle and Silent Auction Winners


We wish to thank the following individuals and firms who contributed to the success of our raffle and silent auction tables through their donation of items and/or services:

John Allman
Charles Berdugo
Paul Brown
Luba Citrin
Front Row Insurance
Helen Grose
Henry’s Camera
Missy Mandel
Richard Martin
Theresa Moore
Nikon Canada
Outdoor Photography Canada
Kelly Paul
Randall Romano
Robert Rutkay
Rachel Schneiderman
Tony Scopazzi
Leon Shahar
Vin Singh
Rita Wong
Pat Zuest




Free Membership DrawLyle Sadavoy
Silver Chain Camera PendantRoger Correia
Twisted Sisters pretzelsRoberto Veloso
Twisted Sisters pretzelsJune D'Souza
Elemental Spirits by Richard MartinAnthony Schatzky
Bottle of Wine with gift bagManny Goncalves
Bottle of Wine with gift bagRachel Schneiderman
Bottle of Wine with gift bagJoseph Kurantsin-Mills
Bottle of Wine with gift bagKarwah Mak
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionJane Weatherburn
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionMissy Mandel
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionDanzhu Xu
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionGlen Fabello
Outdoor Photography Canada SubscriptionJanice Balesic
Gift Cards by Helen GrosePaul Brown
Five Years in Flowers by Theresa MooreMichelle French
LCBO $25 Gift CardLeon Blum
Nikon Gift PackDanzhu Xu
Nikon Gift PackJanice Balesic





Tamrac Pop-Top Convertible Camera Bag Michael Moore
Lowepro camera bag Anthony Schatzky
Lowepro camera bag (mini bag) Paul Brown
Tamrac Camera Bag Michael Moore
Spyder Pro4 Monitor Calibrator June D'Souza
ProShow Producer 9 Howard Lipman
Kelly Paul - Creating Photo Video Shows Manny Goncalves
Kelly Paul - Creating Photo Video Shows Arjuna Somaskandan
Rita Wong  - Half Day Photography Bruce Haar
Set of 2 - 12"x18" Black Frames Paul Brown
Rachel Schneiderman - 13"x19" Print Paul Brown
Luba Citrin - 13"x19" Print Theresa Moore
Luba Citrin - 13"x19" Print Leon Blum
Vin Singh -  22"x40" Print Leon Blum
Vin Singh -  22"x40" Print Lorne Rose
Front Row Insurance  $100 discount Tony Scopazzi
Front Row Insurance  $100 discount Hong Zhang
$50 Henry's Gift Card John Allman
$50 Henry's Gift Card Paul Brown
Tigers Forever Amos Cohen


2018 Banquet – Trophy Presentations

At our year end banquet , the winners of the various competitions that were held throughout out the year received their trophies:

Freeman Patterson (Photographer’s Choice) Trophy - Missy Mandel

Richard Wolf (Creative Digital) Trophy - Luba Citrin

Russell Gee (Novice Division) Trophy - Jacqui Jeruzalski

Harry Cartner (Intermediate Division) Trophy - Katie Mak

Stuart Freedman (Advanced Division) Trophy - Missy Mandel

Naomi Cohen (Landscape) Trophy - Pat Zuest

Kay McGregor (Nature) Trophy - Katie Mak

Robert Zakrison (Theme) Trophy - Roberto Veloso

Lance Gitter (Natural Things) Trophy - Lorne Rose

V.L. Richards (Second Chance) Trophy - Katie Mak

Stan Bain (Print) Trophy - Bruce Haar

In addition, the following year-end awards were presented:

Ralph Yeomans Trophy (Top Novice Division Photographer)
WinnerJacqui Jeruzalski
Runner UpSteve Saviolidis
HMBruce Haar
HMDiana Noriel
HMJordan Cait
John A. Mackie Trophy (Top Intermediate Division Photographer)
WinnerKatie Mak
Runner UpRoberto Veloso
HMHoward Lipman
HMAmos Cohen
Eastman Trophy (Top Advanced Division Photographer)
WinnerMissy Mandel
Runner UpPat Zuest
HMArjuna Somaskandan
HMRachel Schneiderman
John Allman Photographer's Choice Photographer of the Year
WinnerMissy Mandel
Runner UpArjuna Somaskandan
Runner UpPat Zuest
Jonathan Ward Nature Photographer of the Year
WinnerPat Zuest
Runner UpKatie Mak
HMLorne Rose
TDPC Trophy (Image of the Year)
WinnerRoberto VelosoWolves War
Runner UpHong ZhangVermillion Lake Sunset
HMTheresa MooreTulip
HMKatie MakBald Eagle with catch
HMMissy MandelHummingbird and bell flower


Congratulations to all!!