Diana Noriel (Novice)

Looking back, I have always had an interest in photography, going through old family photos, black and white, some hand coloured that were amazing, wondering how this was done.  Then one year I was handed a gift from my parents - an old green-coloured brownie.  I thought this was the greatest.  A new world opened up for me, seeing images through a camera.

I remember the year I entered Art College with a new Canon SLR with the intention of designing children’s books and taking photography courses.  After first year there was a big change with my plans.  I had great instructors in the photography department, and was now hooked.  I started studying photography full time.  I was learning the darkroom in black and white plus colour and how to achieve hand colouring on photos.  Now I knew the great magic behind those old photos, and started looking at images in a creative way.

After college I started working for two photographers.  One was in portrait/wedding, the other commercial work.

Now I’m going back to my roots, photographing what I like and seeing things in a more creative way.