I have inherited my love of Photography from my family. My Grandfather was a photographer in Northern Ontario more than 100 years ago. I have inherited his negatives, had them scanned, and have written a book about him and his pictures. My father was a member of a camera club in Ottawa and met my mother’s family through the club. Both my parents were interested in photography; I grew up with a darkroom in our house.

I joined TDPC (aka the Guild) in 2007 after attending a Freeman Patterson workshop and finding out that he was a member of this club. I figured if the club is good enough for Freeman it is definitely good enough for me. I was right: it has been a lot of fun. A chance to share pictures, ideas, speakers with like minded photographers. Plus, of course, be a Past President and work on Outings and the Program Committees.

The recent Special Interest Groups in Monochrome and Creativity have been amazing and a great way to expand one’s interest and experimentation.

The outings are an excuse to explore different areas and take pictures that I probably would not think of. I like taking different things: people doing ‘strange’ things, travel pictures that bring back memories (especially of Newfoundland, where my in-laws are from), neighbourhood pictures of things that people do not notice….or whatever: it is all fun.

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