Jordan Cait (Novice)

In June of 2012, I walked into Henry’s Thornhill location and told Hector behind the counter that work and my community volunteer activities were taking their toll on me and that I needed to focus on a hobby. I had always been interested in photography but, other than being a yearbook photographer in Junior High School (many, many, years ago), had never pursued it.

Hector informed me that Canon and Nikon made very good starter kits and that I couldn’t go wrong if I purchased one of them. When I asked him which one to select, he told me to close my eyes, hold them one at a time, and tell him which one felt better in my hand. I suppose this was a photographic analogy to the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter books… My fat fingers chose a Canon T3i and I embarked on a wonderful journey. I have since joined the Toronto Digital Photography Club and have taken several courses at Humber College including: macro photography, several portraiture courses, and a course in DSLR video. I enjoy most types of photography but spend a higher percentage of my time capturing images of nature. I also seem to have an affinity for air shows.

If you aren’t already a member of an evaluation group, I strongly urge you to participate in one. I have found this to be extremely helpful in developing my photographic eye. Partake in the many learning opportunities available to you through the TDPC and your photography will also improve.