My love for photography started while I was in university taking a course on the subject. Back then, shooting with a theme helped to tell stories. It’s where I developed a passion for the art, developing my photos in a dark room felt like a magical process to me.

Later on in life I got the bug again before a trip to Kenya. At the time, my friend, Missy Mandel, coached me on what to buy and became the inspiration for my recent photography adventures.  Along with Missy’s encouragement and teaching I developed a love and connection with photography and camera clubs. It’s the camaraderie and connection with photographers at TDPC that inspires me to get out more and shoot

As for my own work, I’ve found that I don’t really have a genre of photography that I love more than others. I like to try them all and love to learn different techniques by exploring all areas of photography. I learned a lot early on as a member of another camera club where I attended all the competition judging as a spectator. This helped open my eyes to all kinds of photography and how to improve my own photographic techniques.

Recently I have become a photography judge through the OC3 training course and find this very rewarding. It’s allowed me to see some incredible image and help other photographers improve their photography skills with tips I’ve picked up along the way.

I am honoured to sponsor the Lorne Rose Architecture Trophy as architecture is my life passion. Ironically, I have a hard time photographing my own work as it intimidates me. Architecture photography, like most genres, must evoke a feeling or emotion, and this can be very challenging at times, but it's the challenge that excites me about all photography.

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