Tony Scopazzi (Intermediate)

For most of my life, my photography was limited to taking family photos and capturing images of our vacations. I loved shooting landscapes but work dominated my life and I spent little time advancing my photography.

Then, in 2010 while attending the Henry’s Digital Imaging Show, I stopped by the TDPC booth and was ‘gently coerced’ (thanks Tony F) into joining the Club. I now had a chance to share and learn with people of both similar and diverse photography interests. It also exposed me to the exceptional talent pool that exists within TDPC.

As I spent time in our Club, I began to get more serious about my image shooting and processing. Learning to use Lightroom was a valuable first step. I joined an Evaluation Group where I received helpful feedback on improving my images. At the same time, I became more proficient and confident in offering constructive feedback on the work of the other Group members. I took advantage of various Special Interest Groups, Workshops and Speaker Presentations offered through the Club to expand my photo knowledge. Attending Club Outings introduced me to a variety of new locations and subjects to photograph while giving me a chance to bond with fellow members.

The TDPC experience has been very good for me. I would urge all of you to take advantage of the opportunities our Club offers to advance your own photo skills as well.