Local Colour

Local Colour has been the name of the club's newsletter since the club's inception in 1947. We continue to use the name now to refer to our club's blog, where we periodically post articles of general interest to the membership. If you have ideas for useful articles, and/or are willing to contribute an article contact us at localcolour@tdpc.ca.

Historical Perspective Local Colour Archives

My First Adventure with Metal Prints

by Roger Correia

As photographers, we take great joy in capturing beautiful images, be they grandiose landscapes, intimate portraits, detailed macros or wonderful images of nature. However the greatest satisfaction for many of us is turning those images into artful prints to display on our walls for all to enjoy both at home and in public spaces.


Give Your Computer a Performance Boost

(Article by John Allman, as first published on gtccc.ca)

Let us imagine that it has been a year or two since you brought home that new shiny computer; too early to consider a replacement, but a good time to consider a mid-cycle refresh - to improve performance and take you through the next couple of years.

Below are a few ideas.