TDPC Annual Awards Night

TDPC Annual Awards Night

The club held it's Annual Awards Night & Social on May 21, 2024 at the Edithvale Community Centre to celebrate the end of another successful club season and recognize our talented photographers.

2023-24 Trophy Winners

From Left to Right:
Max Wynter: President, TDPC
Lidia Brandes: Naomi Cohen (Landscape) Trophy; Jonathan Ward (Nature/Natural Things Photographer of the Year) Trophy
Alan Morrow: Yeoman (Novice Photographer of the Year) Trophy
Luba Citrin: Richard Wolf (Altered Reality) Trophy; Image of the Year Trophy; People's Choice for Image of the Year.
Ann Alimi: V.L. Richards (Theme - "Fine Art") Trophy; Nancy Fairly (Photo Essays) Trophy; Eastman (Photographer of the Year) Trophy; John Allman (Pictorial Photographer of the Year) Trophy
Arjuna Somaskanden: Lance Gitter (Natural Things) Trophy
Marlene Duhig: Russell Gee (Novice Division, Photographer's Choice) Trophy
Anthony Schatzky: Competition Committee Chair, TDPC

Roger Correia: Freeman Patterson (People's Choice) Trophy; Robert Zakrison (Theme - "Time") Trophy
Gord Sawyer: Stuart Freedman (Advanced Division, Photographer's Choice) Trophy
Michael Salter: Harry Cartner (Intermediate Division, Photographer's Choice) Trophy; John Mackie (Intermediate Division Photographer of the Year) Trophy
Robert Robson: Lorne Rose (Architecture) Trophy

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