TDPC Banquet 2019 – Award Winners

Our annual banquet and awards night was held on Tuesday May 14th. During the evening, trophies were presented to the winners of the various competitions that were held throughout the year:

Freeman Patterson (Photographer’s Choice) Trophy     Theresa Moore

Richard Wolf (Creative Digital) Trophy                        Roberto Veloso

Russell Gee (Novice Division) Trophy                          Mark Frankel

Harry Cartner (Intermediate Division) Trophy               Bruce Haar

Stuart Freedman (Advanced Division) Trophy               Missy Mandel

Naomi Cohen (Landscape) Trophy                               Robert Robson

Kay Mcgregor (Nature) Trophy                                    Gord Sawyer

Robert Zakrison (Theme) Trophy                                  Jacqui Jeruzalski

Lance Gitter (Natural Things) Trophy                            Lorne Rose

V.L. Richards (Second Chance) Trophy                          Missy Mandel

Stan Bain (Print) Trophy                                              Bruce Haar

Lorne Rose Architecture Trophy                                    Claude Sassoon

Image of the Year Trophy                                            Lorne Rose

In addition, the following year-end awards were presented:

Ralph Yeomans Trophy (Top Novice Division Photographer)

  • Trophy Winner                                                   Michelle French
  • Runner Up                                                         Jordan Cait
  • Honourable Mention                                           Paul Brown

John A. Mackie Trophy (Top Intermediate Division Photographer)

  • Trophy Winner                                                   Bruce Haar
  • Runner Up                                                         Jacqui Jeruzalski
  • Honourable Mention                                           Amos Cohen

Eastman Trophy (Top Advanced Division Photographer)

  • Trophy Winner                                                   Lorne Rose
  • Runner Up                                                         Missy Mandel
  • Honourable Mention                                            Pat Zuest

John Allman Trophy [Pictorial Photographer of the Year]

  • Trophy Winner                                                   Roberto Veloso
  • Runner Up                                                         Roger Correia
  • Honourable Mention                                            Lance Gitter

Jonathan Ward Trophy [Natural Things Photographer of the Year]

  • Trophy Winner                                                   Missy Mandel
  • Runner Up                                                         Pat Zuest
  • Honourable Mention                                            Lorne Rose

TDPC Trophy (Image of the Year)

  • Trophy Winner                            Lorne Rose                Snowy Owl Taking Off
  • Runner Up                                 Gord Sawyer              Baltimore Orioles
  • Honourable Mention                    Leon Blum                 Unzipped – Toronto
  • Honourable Mention                    Missy Mandel             White-Breasted Nuthatch
  • Honourable Mention                    Howard Lipman          Space Station Designed by an Architect

Certificates were also issued for:

Participation in All Competitions

  • Roger Correia
  • Rachel Schneiderman

Advancements from Novice to Intermediate

  • Jordan Cait
  • Steve Saviolidis
  • Billy Shuster

Advancements from Intermediate to Advanced

  • Amos Cohen
  • Edith Itzcovici-Levy
  • Bruce Haar
  • Jacqui Jeruzalski
  • Howard Lipman

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