TDPC Meetings Cancellations (Update)

At this time I am advising that the balance of scheduled TDPC Meetings and gatherings will be cancelled for the remaining 2019-20 Season.

To clarify, although public meetings are cancelled, TDPC Competitions program will continue as scheduled, as they are submitted and judged remotely. More on the upcoming Robert Zakrison Themed and Nancy Fairley Photo Essay competitions in a separate notice.

In the light of the current situation of the COVID-19 Virus, and the current Emergency declaration of the City of Toronto, the health and safety of our members comes first.

Events such as the Awards Evening and the AGM, will be rescheduled as early as possible in September of the new season.

Gatherings such as SIG’s, Eval Groups, and Committee / Board meetings usually conducted in face to face situations are cancelled in that format. These groups can meet through telephone conferencing, or by digital services such as Zoom, Face Time, Skype, and etc. Each Group can make arrangements as they see fit.

We will send further updates if circumstances change. At this time our concern is that everyone stays well, and keeps their exposure to the COVID-19 virus to a minimum.

Robert Rutkay

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