TDPC New Board of Directors and Officers

At the Annual General Meeting on April 9th, Directors John Allman, Luba Citrin and Roger Correia were thanked as they completed their terms of office on the Board. The voting members present acclaimed Jacqui Jeruzalski, Robert Robson and Arjuna Somaskandan as the new directors.

The Board of Directors now consists of Paul Brown, Catherine Demeroutis-Hatsios, Michelle French, Jacqui Jeruzalski, Steve Moebs,  Diana Noriel, Robert Robson, Robert Rutkay, Tony Scopazzi and Arjuna Somaskandan.

At the first meeting of the new Board, the following officers were elected:

President          Robert Rutkay

Vice-President   Robert Robson

Secretary         Catherine Demeroutis-Hatsios

Treasurer         Steve Moebs

and Tony Scopazzi assumed the role of Immediate Past President.


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