Speaker: Glyn Dewis (Keeping Creative During Covid)

Speaker: Glyn Dewis (Keeping Creative During Covid)

Speaker: Glyn Dewis (Keeping Creative During Covid)


June 18, 2021    
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


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In the summer of 2020, Glyn made a presentation to our Club on his World War 2 Veterans Potraits Project. We are bringing Glyn back today for this follow-up session.

Prior to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, Glyn was touring the UK photographing surviving World War 2 Veterans for his 39-45 Portraits Project; a project that has received international recognition and has the sole purpose of providing veterans and their families with classic, timeless portraits.

After an overview of the project in which Glyn will show his typical set up, he will then show how as a Portrait Photographer he is remaining creative and in the learning zone whilst living under current restrictions and unable to take portraits; time he is using that sees him venturing into the world of Landscape Photography and Time-Lapses.

The successes, the failures, the happy accidents, cameras, lenses, settings and using mobile apps; Glyn will reveal all as he continues his ‘Portrait Photographer learning Landscape Photography’ journey.


Glyn is a UK-based photographer, educator, and author.  He has written best-selling books on Photography and Retouching techniques. He has been a presenter at Photography Conferences and Exhibitions around the World. He has been touted as a KelbyOne Photoshop World Dream Team Instructor and an Adobe MAX Master.

His work has been featured on the front covers of magazines around the world. He is the co-host of a top-rated podcast with listeners in over 150 countries.

He is a Westcott Top Pro and BenQ ambassador. As an additional honour, in 2019 he was asked to become Ambassador of The Veterans Charity; an incredible organization that work tirelessly for Veterans in Immediate Need.

Social Links

Website: www.glyndewis.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glyndewis
Instagram: www.instagram.com/glyndewis

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