We Welcome New Members!

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Joining a camera club is a great way to meet other photographers that share your passion for capturing great images. Our club is committed to creating a comfortable and stimulating environment for learning and sharing experiences related to our photographic journey.

Each year we plan and organize many events and activities for our members including:

  1. Informative speakers
  2. Educational workshops
  3. Photography Evaluation Groups
  4. Photography Outings
  5. Special Interests Groups
  6. Clinics to offer helpful advice on improving your images, and
  7. Competitions where you can have your work judged against others by certified judges

If you are planning to join our club, click on Join The Club button below. If you are an existing member and are planning to renew your membership, please log into your account and then click on Renew My Membership button below.

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Note: If you want to know more about our club before joining, we invite you to email us at membership@tdpc.ca or come out to a club meeting as a guest to learn more about our activities and meet some of our members. Please let us know when you intend to come, so we can welcome you at the door.


TDPC Membership Committee