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Program Updates – Nov. 22

Program Updates

Outlines and Bio have been added to our calendar for the following speakers:

   December 1          Will Prentice

   January 12           Was Stone

We have also added TDPC member Luba Citrin as a presenter on February 9th. Luba's presentation will be on Creative Compositing.

TDPC Program Committee



New Recordings Available for Viewing

The following recordings of our recent meetings are now available for viewing:

September 22nd     TDPC                    Awards Night Presentation

October 6th            Lewis Kemper       Time and Motion Techniques

To access, Just click on the "Speaker Presentations" icon on right side of the home page just above the "Club Library" icon.

Please note that the "Speaker Presentations" site is only accessible when you are logged in as a member ( i.e. it is not available to the general public).

TDPC Program Committee