I have been dabbling with photography since the mid-70’s with film and later digital cameras. My initial photography was basically taking snapshots on vacation, but I always loved to take nature shots. Fast forward, I decided that upon retirement, my goal was to improve my photography and make it my primary hobby. Replacing my very entry level digital camera (resolution 640x480) with a DSLR was the first step. Covid accelerated the process, when my good friend / neighbour made me part of his bubble for photo expeditions in our local ravine. I was in paradise, not knowing how much wildlife existed right next door.

Joining the TDPC, various Special Interest Groups, an evaluation group, friends willing to critique, and yes even competitions, are all part of the learning process. Through them, I have started exploring other genres of photography and have been pleased with some of my creations.

I am happiest out in a natural setting trying to photograph wildlife. I have a long way to go to perfect this technique but have improved over the last few years and plan to continue this process.

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