This trophy was donated in 1983 by Mrs. Richards in memory of her husband, V.L. Richards, a Past President of the club.  The Trophy is awarded annually to the single highest scoring image in the Rotating Theme Competition.

About This Competition

The Board of Directors will select the subject annually, rotating among a list of established subjects.  For 2023-24, the theme is "Fine Art" in photographer’s choice of subject matter.

Fine Art Definition

Fine-art photography is photography created in line with the vision of the photographer as artist, using photography as a medium for creative expression. The goal of fine-art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.

Digital Competition Submission Requirements

Subject: Photographer's Choice
Format: Digital Images only
Comments: You may request judges' comments on up to 3 images
Number of images: Up to four(4). Note: You should consider submitting multiple images since a minimum number of overall submissions are required to qualify for year-end Photographer of the Year awards. For details, please refer to the Competition Program document in the Club Library.
Digital Image Sizing: Either the width or the height must be exactly the maximum of 1920 pixels wide or 1080 pixels high; maximum filesize 3 MB

Digital File Specifications

  • Must be saved as jpeg (.jpg) using the sRGB color space
  • Filenames of images to be uploaded may ONLY contain letters, digits, spaces, period(.), underscores(_) or dashes(-).  No other punctuation is allowed in the filename OR the path or name of its folder
  • You MAY include special characters and punctuation in the image’s TITLE
  • The TITLE may not contain the name of the maker, nor may it appear on an image or the front of a print being submitted. The TITLE will be presented to the judges


Granting of Rights to the TDPC for these images

By clicking on the submit button below, I acknowledge and agree to grant the following rights to these images:

  • The submitter warrants that they are the rightful owner and exclusive author of the image and grants the following non-exclusive rights and permissions to the TDPC
  • The submitter agrees to have their images or prints displayed for judging and for presentation at club meetings
  • The images conform to the club's acceptable content policies
  • The submitter agrees to have their images (including digital images of prints) put on the club website as required
  • The submitter agrees to have their images (including digital images of prints) published in News and other club media


Enter the Competition

Submission deadline: Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 @ 10:00 pm.

If you have any questions or encounter issues please contact the Competitions Committee at

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