Interested in Joining an Evaluation Group?

Interested in Joining an Evaluation Group?

The purpose of an Evaluation Group is to have an avenue to share your images in an informal setting and to receive comments from a mentor and/or other members of the group.  The comments often pertain to the impact, composition, technical aspects and editing of the image and ways to improve the image.

There are presently 5 Evaluation Groups within the club with between 8 and 13 members in each group.  There are often a variety of levels in each group. Since Covid the meetings are conducted via Zoom. There is a coordinator for each group who arranges the monthly meetings (for example, a group may meet the third Wednesday of every month).  Some of the groups are now meeting year round via Zoom.  The club’s website is usually used to upload the images prior to each meeting.

An Evaluation Group provides a great opportunity to share your work and improve your photography and editing skills.  If you are interested in joining an Evaluation Group or want more information please feel free to contact me at  After a brief discussion or email exchange I will do my best to place you in an appropriate group. If there are a lot of new members interested in joining a group we may need to add another group with a new mentor and coordinator.

Billy Shuster

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