New Featured Members Galleries

New Featured Members Galleries

Every year, at the start of the season, the Membership Committee selects a new group of three members to be featured in our Featured Members Gallery; a Novice, an Intermediate and an Advanced member.  Each gallery contains 12 images selected by the featured member along with a brief story.

Last year's group of Featured Members were: Lorne Rose (Advanced), Billy Shuster (Intermediate) and Joanne McEwan (Novice).

The new group of Featured Members are:

  • Marlene Duhig (Novice)
  • Jeff Berger (Intermediate)
  • Anthony Schatzky (Advanced)

All three members were honoured to be featured in our galleries and all have an interesting story to share about their photographic journeys.

Marlene Duhig – “I am happiest out in a natural setting trying to photograph wildlife. I have a long way to go to perfect this technique but have improved over the last few years and plan to continue this process.”




Jeff Berger – “… I suddenly saw the potential for creativity and inspiration in street photography, architectural shots and images of nature closer to home.”




Anthony Schatzky – “I am, primarily, an abstract, graphic and architecture photographer and have been making images for about 18 years.”





We encourage you to go check out their stories and wonderful images.  Just look in Galleries  >>>  Featured Members Album.

We are sure you will be inspired!

Irv Benovich, Luba Citrin & Roger Correia

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