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Russell Gee, Harry Cartner and Stuart Freedman Competition Results

All the results from the recent divisional competitions have been added to the website under "Image Uploads / Competition Results". You can now view all the images complete with scores and judges' comments for the Russell Gee (Novice Division), Harry Cartner (Intermediate Division) and Stuart Freedman (Advance Division) competitions. To view them now, check here!

Congratulations to Our End of Season Trophy Winners and Placements

At the Annual Banquet and Awards Night, on May 16, 2017, the following winners were announced and trophies presented:

TDPC Image of the Year Trophy
Theresa MooreTrophy Winner
Lance GitterRunner Up
Missy MandelHonourable Mention
Katie MakHonourable Mention
Pat ZuestHonourable Mention
Gord SawyerHonourable Mention
Novice Photographer of the Year - Ralph Yeomans Trophy
Katie MakTrophy Winner
Bruce HaarRunner Up
Tony ScopazziHonourable Mention
Jacqui JerulzalskiHonourable Mention
Intermediate Photographer of the Year - John A. Mackie Trophy
Hong ZhangTrophy Winner
Roberto VelosoRunner Up
Amos CohenHonourable Mention
Howard LipmanHonourable Mention
Advanced Photographer of the Year - Eastman Trophy
Pat ZuestTrophy Winner
Luba CitrinRunner Up
Lance GitterHonourable Mention
Arjuna SomaskandanHonourable Mention
Rachel SchneidermanHonourable Mention
Nature Photographer of the Year – Jonathan Ward Trophy
Pat ZuestTrophy Winner
Rachel SchneidermanRunner Up
Katie MakHonourable Mention
Arjuna SomaskandanHonourable Mention
Pictorial Photographer of the Year - John Allman Trophy
Lance GitterTrophy Winner
Roberto VelosoRunner Up
Roger CorreiaHonourable Mention
V.L. Richards Trophy
Missy MandelTrophy Winner
Luba CitrinRunner Up
Moy NahonHonourable Mention
Amos CohenHonourable Mention
Lorne RoseHonourable Mention
Hong ZhangHonourable Mention

Congratulations to all for their great images.