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TDPC Results for 2020 George Glennie Salon

TDPC once again participated in the George W. Glennie Nature Salon, hosted by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club.

There were 68 clubs that participated from all over the world.  TDPC was one of the 6 Top Scoring clubs in the Competition.

Congratulations to TDPC members: Jonathan Ward, Lance Gitter, Lidia Brandes, Missy Mandel, Pat Zuest, Rachel Schneiderman & Robert Zakrison.

Check out their images below:

Competition Results

As the results of each TDPC Competition become known, you have access to the following on website:
The winning images can be found under "Galleries/Competition Albums"
The complete results for all submitted images together with scores and comments can be found under "Image Uploads/Competition Results".


The Competition Albums of winning images is available for viewing  for a maximum of six years.

The Competitions Results folder of submitted images, scores and comments is only available for viewing until the end of the current Club season.