Lorne Rose Competition Results

Lorne Rose Competition Results

The results of the above competition were announced at the club meeting on November 21, 2023.

The Lorne Rose trophy was donated in 2018 by Lorne Rose, a member of the TDPC. The subject matter is Architecture. The Trophy is awarded to the single highest scoring image in the Competition.

This year, 24 members entered a total of 92 images. Participation came from 6 novice, 2 intermediate and 16 advanced division members. The number of images submitted this year is similar to last year’s total.

Thank you to all participants!



Here are this year’s winners…

In the Novice Division, the Winner was Alan Morrow with his image “Soaring King and Bay” (shown to the left). Runner Up was Paul Brown who also placed with an Honourable Mention.





The Intermediate & Advanced Divisions were combined. The Winner and overall Trophy Winner was Robert Robson with his image “Salk Institute” (shown to the left). The Runner Up was also Robert Robson. Honourable Mentions went to Irv Benovich, Jordan Cait, Robert Robson, Lorne Rose, Anthony Schatzky, Ann Alimi, Hanson Chang, Roger Correia and Robert Rutkay.







Check out all the winning images that placed in this competition in the gallery here.

Members can review all the images, scores and comments here. (To access, you must be logged-on the TDPC website)


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