Naomi Cohen Competition Results

Naomi Cohen Competition Results

The results of the above competition were announced at the club meeting held on Dec. 12, 2023.

This trophy was donated in 1999 by Avi Cohen, a Past President of the TDPC, in memory of his sister.  This competition is for landscape photos.  Awards are based on the best aggregate score of each member’s three highest scoring images in the Competition.

18 members entered a total of 70 images into this competition. Participation came from 7 novice, 2 intermediate and 9 advanced division members.

Thank you to all participants!



Here are this year’s winners…

In the Novice Division, the Winner was Vera Gillman. Her three winning images are shown below. The Runner Up was Susan MacLean and an Honourable Mention went to Jennifer Alexis.

The Intermediate/Advanced Winner and overall Trophy Winner was Lidia Brandes.  Her three winning images are shown below.  The Runner Up was Larry Durst, with an Honourable Mention going to Robert Robson.

Check out all the winning images that placed in this competition in the gallery here.

Members can review all the images, scores and comments here. (To access, you must first log on to the TDPC website)

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